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Is It Time For New Frames?

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Fine works of art, delicious cheeses, and beautiful antiques all take on special qualities as they age. Old eyeglass frames may develop a charm of their own too, but wear and tear will eventually take its toll.

Whether you're sporting a pair of vintage specs, or you've simply had your frames for a while, we can help you recognize the signs when it's time to update to a new pair of lenses or frames.

“How Do I Know When It’s Time?”

Of course, the number one sign that you should be considering new lenses and frames is if you’re noticing changes in your vision! How long has it been since you updated your prescription? The American Academy of Optometrists recommends a comprehensive eye exam every two years, or more often if certain risk factors are present.

Most of the time, such vision changes are so gradual that you don’t think about it until it becomes a problem. Come visit with us and let’s check your vision and prescription.

Other signs that you shouldn’t ignore include:
•Frames with stripped screws
•Heavily scratched or worn-down lenses
•Bent frames that just don’t fit right
•A loose fit that’s difficult to keep adjusted
•Headaches more often than usual
•Irritated skin at frame touch points

When It's Time, Find New Frames That Fit YOU!

*Article courtesy of Vision Source